Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Stage directions, terminology and definitions

Stage blocking - Stage blocking is a term which refers to the precise movement and positioning of

Sightlines - A sightline is the line of sight between the stage and the audience. A good sightline will allow the viewer to see the whole stage clearly while hearing everything clearly as well. Usually the spectator's eye height should not be lower than 800 mm from the stage.

Stage direction -The stage itself has been given named areas to make blocking easier for the actors.

Upstage - This is the rear of the stage
Down stage - This is the front of the stage
Stage left and right - Stage Left and right refer to the actor's left and right facing the audience.
These terms are given so it does not confuse the actor when they are acting or rehearsing,
the director usually tells the actors where to perform during rehearsals.

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