Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Audience Research

I had many question to as our director as we needed to find out who our target audience is. These questions where asked fluently by the group so each and every person agreed upon what the audience is. We had all participated and had our say within the choices we had made, all our decisions were unanimous. We also had set a budget at this point alongside how many seats had to be placed over our acquired location. I also made an audience survey, I asked around 10 people the following the questions:

  • Did you find the show entertaining?
  • Did the props work well throughout the show?
  • If there was something you could improve what will it be?
  • Was the plant scary (please remember this is a children’s play)?
  • Did your seating area have a good sightline?
Once both days of the show had been complete, we took in the feedback and read through it thoroughly. Most of our feedback was positive but we did have some negatives. A majority of the audience pointed out how ‘stunning’ the plant (Audrey II) was built, this showed we had great prop building skills and boosted many of my groups confidence. As this was a success, next time I partake in a similar task, I will use the skills I have learnt to improve any unnecessary fault that may have occurred this time.

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