Thursday, 10 February 2011

Health and Safety in a Theatre

Things you may want to consider during the production:
·         Use of power  tools – Wear safe equipment
·         Cutting equipment – Using cutting mats, cut away from the body
·         Use of paint & glue/ solvents – Using water based
·         Heavy lifting – Work in groups, bend knees not backs
·         Don’t walk around with sharp tools
·         Ensure the action props were safe for the performers – Props, breathing, covering sharp objects, keeping it cool inside

·         Crowd control – Managing crowd safely, Controlling ticket sales, Legal limit for venue, clear sign posts, staff on the door, crowd positioning (seating plan)
·         Stage blackout (Tripping/ Falling/ colliding into each other) – Use of torches, scenery positions were marked clearly
·         Height hazard (Falling off the stage)- Put safety markers around the stage, Pulling curtains down during blackouts
·         Moving scenery around – Specific rehearsed job roles
·         Fire – clear announcements, signs, usual fire precautions