Wednesday, 5 January 2011

1950's New York Moodboard Evaluation

A moodboard is a collage of images, text and samples of objects, this is usually chosen by the moodboard creator. Designers tend to use mood boards to explore designs they visually wish to produce whilst trying to communicate to his fellow designers through it. Moodboards can also set a imaginary setting for a storyline. In greater terms, they serve well but serve as a visual tool to quickly inform others of what you desire. Creating mood boards in a digital form may be easier and quicker, but physical objects often have tendency to over-power digital moodboards on people because of the more complete palette of physical sensations mood boards usually offer.I used many search engines to search for the picture I needed for my moodboard. I first researched 1950’s New York so I get a rough outline of what that era looked like. Most picture were black and white but there were a few of which I found to be in colour, these are the ones I explored more. I also has to search 1950’s florists as the main set would be built upon this foundation. The search I used were:
Eventually, I had created a moodboard on a A3 piece of paper off a collage of many edited picture. This helps me visualize what the theme would be exactly like. Furthermore,,, to name a few. Choosing images that I wished to search were longer and harder than I thought as most of the picture are incorrect and do not relate to what I am researching.I resized the images and then laid them out deciding on how I will place them over the A3 page.

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