Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Jobs in a Theatre

Theatre designer - Theatre designers, also known as scenic designers, usually work directly with the

Producer - A Theatre Producer is a person who is responsible for overseeing the creation of a theatre production. The producer may be responsible for securing money for the production, either through his or her own company or by taking on investors in the production. The producer also hires the production team which include many of the jobs below at their own choice.

Director - A theatre director, also know as a stage director, is a someone in the field of theatre who oversees and organises everything in a theatre production. The director's role is to ensure that the quality of theatre production is to perfection and to lead the members of the creative team into realising their inspiration for it all. Therefore, the director merges with a team of imaginative individuals, as well as other staff, for the production.

Lighting designer - The role of a lighting designer in a theatre is to work with other members to create an overall ‘look’ of the show while keeping safety and cost in mind. Outside of the theatre the job of a
Lighting Designer can be much more diverse as they work on other things such as rock and pop tours, big celebrations and even the Olympics.

Musical director - A Music Director or Director of Music is a person who orchestrates

Stage manager - The role of this person is to organize and coordinate between various people such as the director and the backstage crew, or actors and production management. This person has overall responsibility for stage management.

Stage crew - The stage crew are people who work backstage or behind the scenes. Their duties include setting up the scenery, lights, sound, props, rigging, and special effects for a production.

Choreographer - A choreographer is a person who designs a sequence of movements, this can be used in many places and ways. People mostly use this person to ‘Choreograph’ a dance routine.

Prop master - A prop master is a person who give the construction crew an idea of what props to build. He decides whether these props are appropriate for the production.

Construction manager - A construction manager is the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from aimed at the client’s requirements. All this must be complete within a certain time and also a allocated budget.

Dresser - Dressers are responsible for assisting cast members with costume changes backstage, when necessary. The also have to maintain the quality of that costume for each performance completed. This may acquire them to fix, or even buy a completely new costume for the actor.
Publicists - A publicists job is to generate publicity for target audience. They usually create press conferences and deal with posters and leaflets which are handed out to the general public. This usually increases sales of the production so it becomes more renown.
director and producer, they must select the settings to visually tell the story. They have a lot of responsibility in the group as they have to have to cater to all of the directors needs. They also guides key staff in other departments such as the costume designer, the special effects director and the locations manager to show a combined visual appearance for the set. Not only does the person conduct the concert but also decides what music the orchestra will perform. The musical director is depended upon so he can make the correct atmosphere for the people.

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