Wednesday, 5 January 2011


During 6th form I decided to study creative and media diploma as well as art, these subjects coincide extremely well as the skills that I developed in both are transferable to one another. Studying creative and media has allowed me to explore many different aspects of media itself; film making, photography and journalism are only a few examples.
I have found that I am a highly motivated student, thus by studying this subject I was able to delve deeper into an area that I found extremely interesting and worth while.
The unit which we were completing was called “show,” our task was very clear which was too plan a production named “Little Shop of horrors.”
My role in the production was to create posters and different advertisements to promote the show, to create three plants which were called “Audrey II,” flowers as well as many other props including the set itself. In addition I had to partake in an event, in which I worked backstage.

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