Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Client Meeting

After a long discussion with the head of the drama department Mrs Jones, we were informed that one of our Units was to produce a production by the name of “ little shop of horrors.”
In our first meeting we presented her with a rough outline of different props that could be used, and how they can be customised specifically for the play for example; the plant which was a focal point of the production, had to open and close from the mouth. We also presented ideas for advertisement and posters, to draw in the audience, in addition to that we also created a miniature version of the set at the scale of 1:25. Our first meeting went exceedingly well.

She gave a lot of feedback with positives and negatives, which were both taken into consideration, she wanted to know the weight of the plant as this may have been an issue of concern. She also wanted to know how quickly the props and set could be created as she wished to start rehearsals with props as soon as possible. This had considerable affect on our design work as we had a deadline to work to, which was set up in our first meeting. This meant that we needed to work quickly and efficiently making good use of our time, this also meant that there was a necessity to split tasks between the group and each group member to take the initiative.

She also gave us an indication of how she wanted the layout of the posters and the colour scheme of it, as there was certain colours which would characterise the production, which is an idea that I incorporated in the creation of the posters.

It was hugely beneficial to discuss progress with Mrs Jones as she gave an outside opinion on our set construction, we did find ourselves changing some aspects of our design under instruction, however this only made the design better as opposed to worse. We would also be able to know how much space we would be working with, where our props can be positioned and be able to design them according to the space allocated.

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