Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Evaluation of the Unit

I have learnt much from participating in this task, it is extremely difficult to construct a specific set and cater to ones needs so concisely. The department asked for specific props, in specific styles fit for a 1950’s New York, which is very much different to a 21st century one. The idea of my work being on show to the public is different to what I am used to, my work is usually very privatised only shared between me and close friends. However due to extensive audience, I worked even harder to produce something that is eye catching and draws the audiences’ attention in.
Whilst I found that there were some difficulties with deadlines; we were able to gather all the materials needed and complete the set on time to the best of our ability. Deadlines are vitally important as props need to be completed within a time scale to ensure that the program and the rehearsals ran smoothly. Without key deadlines there may have been a chance that we were unable to finish the set, by issuing them ourselves we ensured everything was done on time.

I believe that I have gained a small insight on how professionals work in the theatre industry, I now know a lot more about theatre production than I did from when I started the unit. However their set is on a much larger scale than our own, so I do not believe that I fully comprehend the time and effort that it takes for professional live performance although I am under the impression that the process would be similar to the one that we went through.

I believe I contributed immensely to my group; I led the construction and the design of the three plants which I was very proud of. I used my IT skills and made posters to advertise and promote the set, this I deem to be of great importance as these posters had to be appealing to draw in the paying viewer. In addition to contructing the plant which was the main prop of the play, I helped to build many other props for example chairs, tables and flowers.

Overall the department that we were constructing for were extremely pleased with our final set design. I found this to be a very worth while task, as it reinforced my team working skills, my ability to take and lead a group and also work independently on a given task.

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